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Voluntary Repetition Exam

This exam is on Saturday, May 20th, during the "Nachprüfungstermin" of our school.


You can choose between three options:

  • Option 1: Only Calculus (45 minutes, counts one additional mark)
  • Option 2: Only Geometry (45 minutes, counts one additional mark)
  • Option 3: Both (90 minutes, counts two additional mark, i.e. one mark with weight 2)

The calculator is not allowed in any of these options. The formula booklet is allowed in all options.


The topics are given below. In this exam, the questions will be the same as in the original exams, only the numbers and parameters will be changed. So there will be no big surprise. This means that if you can solve the original exams, you should be able to solve this repetition exam, too.




Curve Sketching

The Plane

Integrals I (antiderivative)

Normal Form

Integrals II (areas and volumes)

Circle and Sphere

Integrals III (applications)


Important: If you sign-up and take the exam, it will be corrected and will count. Even if you screw it up!


If you want to sign up for this exam, do it in written form (by e-mail). Deadline: Saturday, May 13th.