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Matura 2017


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Solutions to the Recap Exercises:


Chapter 1.2 Functions - Matura Exercises

216 K


Chapter 2.2 Sequences and Series - Exercises

213 K


Chapter 2.3 Sequences and Series - Matura Exercises

398 K


Chapter 3.2 Probability - Exercises / Matura Exercises

606 K


Chapter 4.2 Vector Geometry - Matura Exercises

215 K


Chapter 5.2 Circles and Spheres - Exercises

596 K


Chapter 5.3 Circles and Spheres - Matura Exercises

506 K


Chapter 6.2 Calculus: Derivatives - Exercises

331 K


Chapter 7.2 Calculus: Integration - Exercises

1.4 M


Chapter 8.2 Calculus: Curve Sketching - Exercises

292 K


Chapter 8.3 Calculus: Matura Exercises (on all calculus topics)

1.0 M


Chapter 9.2 Small Stuff - Exercises

319 K

Probability and Combinatorics

As you were taught these topics in German, there will be some special regulations:

·         Written Exam: The questions about these topics will be in German and English.

·         Oral Exam: If you do not understand the question or some specific terms, you may ask me to ask the whole question or parts of it in German (this will not affect your grade). You may answer in German or English (no influence on the grade).



Oral Exam




6 minutes

Vector Geometry

6 minutes

Seq. & Series  /  Probability  /  Diff. Equations

3 minutes

Excluded topics:

As your bilingual course had more math lessons than the monolingual course (4 instead of 3 lessons in first semester of third class, 5 instead of 4 lessons in first semester of fourth class), it is expected that you also should have learned more than the other classes. (Also, in the last few weeks you were doing repetion, while the other classes were still having regular lessons...)

The written exam will be the same for all classes (with the exception that your exam will be translated into English). But some of the additional topics, which were not in the syllabus of the monolingual classes, will appear in the oral exam.

Nevertheless, not all the topics you have learnt will appear in the oral exam. I decided to include only the topics which are useful for a deeper understanding of the regular topics (e.g. circles and spheres, easy differential equations, etc.)


Question Time

Friday, 09 June, 13:00 - 14:30 am

Room 104